My name is Paul and as these pages imply - I am a Home Inspector, licensed by the State of Louisiana. My goal is to provide my clients with the most professional, thorough and complete home inspection and report with photos in an easy to read format. If you are new to the area, a first time home buyer or both you will find a lot of useful information here (at least that’s  what I am hoping for). If you are a “seasoned” home buyer then you know the importance and value of a quality home inspection. In which I strive to provide all my clients. I am an Associate Member of the NW Louisiana Association of Realtors. An Accredited Business recognized by the Better Business Bureau.  Received an appointment to serve on the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (2015 - 2021)  I also hold a “Supra Key”.  That means I can enter a home without the aid of a Realtor. When I do an inspection for you, it is you and your family’s best interest that I have in mind, I like to take my time and if I see or smell something that is questionable I have a small arsenal of tools to help me look even further.  I believe that Honesty, Diligence and Integrity should never be compromised. It is also my belief that it is not in the best interest of the client to provide the required “minimum” home inspection as outlined by Louisiana Standards of Practice. It is less than a reasonable expectation.
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Awards, experience, interests A little about myself What is inspected - what is not inspected What is a home inspection The bad, the scary oh my … Inspection Photo’s How to pay and when Inspection Fee’s Very important to understand this …. Representivie Number ??? Here are a few answers …. Why do I need a home inspection? What I inspect and how … When I do a home inspection You decide who you want Choosing your inspector From testers to drones My tool bag
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