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318.820.1187 I have been told it helps to tell people about yourself -
Paul's Home Inspection Service, LLC  LHI 10813, Inspection Service, Shreveport, LA
I am an independent home inspector, this assures you of an unbiased / uninfluenced home inspection. I try to take a more personal approach with home inspections, disclosing information is a valuable asset to the client. I like to take time to discuss the various findings both serious and cosmetic along with explaining the difference. I think it is also important to do this especially with first time home buyers. The inspection report is digital and available the evening of the inspection. I do "one" inspection per day (by choice) to ensure that I provide the best home inspection for my client without worrying about getting to the next inspection. I prefer to take my time within reason of course. An average inspection takes about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours depending on the size and complexity of the home. And in some cases an inspection can take even 5 hours. The report takes another several hours because I am re-analysing photos on my computer to ensure nothing was missed. I am a member of the NW LA Realtors Association. An Accredited Business with the BBB (A+), Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (2015 - 2021).  Served as Vice Chairman on the LSBHI from 2017 - 2019 And a registered LLC with the Secretary of State for Louisiana. The more personal side of me - I like building my own computers, built this website and enjoy photography (novice). Science and technology articles along with an decent mystery are preferred reads. Grew up in Chicago - wore many “hats” in the construction industry and worked on truck docks.  Construction experience spans slightly over 20 years, from foundations to roofs, remodels to new construction. Worked for the Louisiana Dept. of Transportation for 10 years (construction inspector).  Then decided I needed a desk job, so I went to work for a private Oil & Gas company in their Geology Dept.  After 4 years - it just wasn’t for me … I like my independence, I like visiting with people, like being appreciated. So here we are - took up a career in home inspections - felt that with my vast back ground it was a good fit - but trust me - nothing glamorous here, can be hard work, long hours and sometimes long intervals between inspections … but I do have my independence, I do get to visit with people, help with advice, hopefully ease their stresses of buying a home at least a little - and the reviews I have received on Facebook, the BBB website, Home Gauge, YP, Yelp and Google, and recently voted (2017) in the top 3 of 5 for Locals Love Us … All it says it that I am doing something right and I enjoy it. On October 26, 2018, I was presented with the BBB Integrity Award
Don’t mind too much when in conversations - but to plaster it all over the Internet is another matter. So, reluctantly - I started a Facebook page - have posted various items.  Have a LinkedIn account also - have to admit, I have come across some good - informative articles
L to R: Lisa Janes, Chairman BBB® Board of Directors; Paul Collucci, Owner - Paul's Home Inspection Service; Brad Daniel, Secretary/Treasurer Board of Directors
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