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October 26, 2018 BBB Torch Awards! After five and a half years in business - I am the first Home Inspector in NW Louisiana to be presented with the Integrity Award through the BBB Torch Awards.
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October 20, 2022 BBB Torch Awards!  Nine plus years in business, I have been nominated again by clients in NW Louisiana for the BBB Torch Awards. I did not “win” - that went to another deserving business, But I did make it as a “Finalist” … that still says alot. That still makes me the first and only home inspector in Louisisana to have recieved such an honor.  Thank you to all my clients for your support.
Grew up in Chicago, starting working in construction at a very young age, from remodels to new contruction. First summer job was breaking an old beat up side walk … (several of them), then moved on to garage foundations. This is were I started to learn about base, concrete, forms and finishing. Throughout the years I did seasonal work with plumbers, electricians, framers and roofing (did not like roofing). Wore many “hats” over the years in this line of work. In the “off” or too “slow” seasons, worked on truck docks and couple of factory jobs - at one, I was a Union Steward on the night shift. At another - worked on (ran - installed) hydrolic and phnuematic lines and electrical for machinery. Came to Louisiana and worked for LADOTD - started in the Maintenance dept. and moved to Engineering after my first year. Decided to semi-retire - and went to work for a private oil / gas company --- 4 years - 7 days a week 12 to 16 hour days … and no vacation.  Time to do something else. In Febraury of 2013, I passed my State and National home inspectors exam and became a licensed home inspector. Enjoy what I do, not just for the independence, but able to help others understand about a very important investment they are about to make. And with my vast background - over 30 combined years in construction, it seems like a good fit.
Experience Interests
This can vary considerably --- I like building my own computer systems (over the years I have built 11 custom systems). Learned how to do this by building my first frankenstien from a half dozen machines and parts with the help of an old friend from Barksdale AFB (with a 16 baud modem) --- who remembers those?  Can’t keep up with the technology - build a new system recently - and it becomes a dinosour in three months … uuggghhh. I like fishing --- but don’t like eating fish. Caught a small one, felt bad for it and let it go … (yea - I apologized). Enjoy photography (novice) Built these webpages --- no - I am not for hire --- this is nerve wrecking. This is a new site / the old one - just seemed cluttered. Use to like working on cars --- built my first one in a junk yard - took three years. It was a 1967 Chevy Belaire. That was a serious clunker!  It was my first car! Would like to build another car or pick-up … but tools, equipment, parts, and very importantly space --- just isn’t there financially. Oh well --- might be for the best.  
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Served on the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors 2015 - 2021