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This is the one that will not win a popularity contest with certain groups … Questions to ask while choosing a home inspector …   This is daunting and stressful. Buying a home can be very stressful. But what is more stressful is not having a good home inspection. The following is intended to help you (the consumer – home buyer). Keep in mind, it is not all inclusive but a guide that can vary depending on your situation. Call the inspector and ask questions and pay attention.  While talking with them are you listening or just hearing them?  There is a difference. Do they sound like they have “your” best interest or theirs in mind?  Are they talking at you or with you? There is a difference there also. Are you getting a lot of tech jargon or simple explanations that you understand? So what questions should you ask?  Below are some examples … 1) How long have you been doing this? 2) How many do you do in a day? 3) How long does it take before I get a report? 4) What similar experience do you have (if any)? 5) What do you look for? 6) What do you report on? 7) What do you actually check, i.e. all windows, outlets, doors etc. or a representative number? 8) How long does it take to do the inspection? 9) Can I be there with you? 10)  Do you mind me asking questions? 11)  Do you like what you do? 12)  Do you actually go under a home? (Pier & Beam if it applies) 13)  What do you document and what is your methods of documentation? 14)  What type of advice do you provide? 15)  Do you check the roof and how do you check it? 16)  What are you looking for when checking the roof? 17)  Do you check the structural aspects of the roof and how? 18)  Do you provide information with regards to the AC, water heater and heating systems? 19)  What is your reporting method? (Paper or Digital) 20)  Do you take color photos and include them in the report or is that an extra process and fee? 21)  Are you Licensed, Insured? 22)  Do you have continued education (CE) in this field and if so, how many hours a year? The above questions are just a few examples. You may have other concerns that you may need to ask.  If this your first home inspection and if you are nervous, you should be, it’s ok … this may help keep you on your “toes”.  If this is not your fist home inspection this might be a good time to do a little comparison shopping. Keep in mind, the inspector you call, may be with another client and may not be able to speak with you at length. If that is the case, set a time that is convenient and call back or have them call you back. If they don’t call back – well that’s easy. Make a list to call at least three inspectors, four or five is better. Price is always a factor, but don’t let that make the decision for you. Get details, like looking at the sticker on a vehicle.  Both look the same, same make, model, year … now look at those details. To help with the conversation that you may have with an inspector, it may help to know the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics that the inspector is supposed to be following at the very “minimum”.  That document can be found at the Sate website ( This is for the State of Louisiana.