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Choosing a Louisiana Home Inspector The conscientious consumer will ask about who to use as a home inspector.  This question is normally presented to the buyers Real Estate  Agent.  More often than not an agent will recommend a specific home inspector, someone they have used in the past and are familiar with and someone they trust.  And most of the time it all works out very well for everyone. When I get a phone call from a perspective client, the first thing they ask is about price.  I gladly give them a quote and will ask several more  questions.  One being do they have any specific concerns about the home they are interested in … Choosing the right home inspector can be a little daunting at times, especially for first time home buyer’s and for those that think it’s just a sale of “snake oil” because of a personal bad experience or knowing of a bad experiences through others.  I encourage buyers to ask questions and expect answers. I strongly advocate consumer awareness, it is important to me as a Home Inspector that whoever my client is, being buyer or seller, that they  have a very clear understanding of the inspection, report, findings, etc.  I take my business very serious as a home inspector, it is my skills, thoroughness, ability to communicate verbally and in writing, to perform a home inspection with diligence, honesty and integrity because there is a family possibly going to be living in that home.  I don’t ever want to see on the news about a family injured to any degree in a home that I inspected and failed to report on something that I should have reported on. So finding, choosing a Home Inspector in Louisiana, whether it’s in the Shreveport, Bossier City area or somewhere else in Louisiana, is really easy, ask your Realtor for a list or visit for a list - then call and ask questions.  You are the consumer, you have rights and a certain amount of obligation as well.  But don’t ever let someone tell you, that you have to use someone they say to use.  You have the right to choose your own Home Inspector in Louisiana.