NOTE: THERE IS A $100.00 CANCELLATION FEE. In the event of a cancellation a 100.00 service call fee is due. If inspection is paid in advance on-line, a refund check will be mailed within 48 hours of cancellation to address provided by client minus cancellation fee and processing fee’s incurred if applicable. A Cancellation will void any previous agreements. A Cancellation Agreement must be signed prior to refund.  See Contract for details.
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My fee’s are relatively competitive. There are some inspectors that charge less and some charge considerably more. But the bottom line is - how do you value the service? The time it takes to do an inspection varies on the size and complexity of a home.  In some and many cases it takes on average of 2 1/2 hours.   But there are those that can take up to as much as a full day.  I have not had one that took more than 5 1/2 hours and my average time is about 3 hours. If I am doing moisture checks, thermal and or using a bore scope, then the time can be increased significantly.
Small Condo’s, Town Homes, Cottages that are up-to a 1000 Square feet / Sorry - no discounts apply at this price.
Home’s from 1001 - 2000 Square feet
Home’s from 2001 - 2500 Square feet
Home’s from 2501 - 3000 Square feet
Home’s from 3001 - 3500 Square feet
Home’s from 3501 - 4000 Square feet
Over 4000 Sqft add .30 per sqft
NOTICE: I am no longer inspecting Pier & Beam homes.
Inspection Fee�s
Multi-family: Duplex = 1000.00 Tri-plex = 1500.00 Quad-plex = 2000.00 Discounts do not apply for investment properties.
Please note, there will be a 100% charge of the original inspection fee for all re- inspections of the property in the event utilities were not available and or regarding repairs / corrections. In the event work has been done, it is recommended that client acquires receipts / invoices of work performed for verification. It is also recommended that any repairs are to be completed are done so by a presently licensed and qualified contractor for that field. Inspector does not warrant or guarantee any repair work or workmanship of such work. The report is the expressed opinion of inspector only and does not bind any party to make any repairs or replacement. The inspection can only report the visual, physical and operational conditions of property at time of inspection.  The report does not include areas that are hidden / inaccessible from view.  It is not unusual for conditions to change or for equipment to become inoperable at any time after the inspection or prior to or after act of sale.  The inspection report is not a warranty or guarantee of structure or any component related to structures interior or exterior that is attached or detached.  The report doesn't intend to replace, supersede or include the content of a formal disclosure statement and it is recommended that a property disclosure statement be obtained for your information. Please consult your Real Estate Agent and or Sales Contract to decide which points in the report if any may apply to the sale or purpose of inspected property.
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