The next 7 images are also from a pier & beam, the first one is the only way in and out. Let that set in for a moment. Number five is someone’s pet I got to look at while I was digging my self out - I got seriously stuck. The next one is a set of live conductors I was laying on … the last one shows my leg and boot … to emphasis the amount of room I had.  I had become stuck twice under this home … very bad feeling. And because of this last inspection, I have decided not to inspect Pier & Beam homes.
Suspect mold at a closet
Duct work not properly installed / sealed
Daylight through ridge of roofing -
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Inspection Photo’s / Gallery
We all like pictures - pictures are fun, they tell us stories. Below - there are pictures - all telling a story.
Let’s start with suspected mold. It’s a nasty substance, smells bad, stains surfaces, can cause upper respiratory problems. Keep in mind it is biological and it eats. Now that should make feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But that isn’t the worse of it … according to the EPA there are 4000 types (no kidding), now here is the fun part --- 2000 have been identified. The images to the left (click photo to enlarge) are some from an inspection after a flood - and these aren’t the worst one’s.
Pier under home - leaning, loose bricks, missing mortar. This was two of multiple such findings.
Left image; Nothing good here - just a serious electrical hazard waiting to happen. Center image; Broken old knob & tube - almost got jolted on this one - yes, it was live. Right image; Poor workmanship and dangerous - double and triple tapped breakers.
Drone images; Chimney missing mortar and loose bricks just for starters. Lower right of next image - falling - loose shingles. Here is the bad part - this is a new roof - 3 months. Now you know why I like my drone. You can not see these issues from the ground.
What makes this so bad is that this is a newly build home - Support post not nailed, braced, nothing - simply wedged and fell over.  I spent a lot of time in this attic after discovering this. And yes, did find a few more items. Not including the rest of the home.
The primary objective of the stories below is to emphasize the importance of a quality, thorough home inspection.
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