The bad, the scary oh my … Inspection Photo’s
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Where to start --- lets start with why I no longer inspect Pier & Beam homes.
One way in - one way out One of several brick piers with crumbling brick Crumbling brick pier My leg in relation to second beam I had to dig out from under Someone's lost and deceased fur baby
It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words … This is the underside of the home that sort of “leaned” on me. Top right - one way in and out. The next three - crumbling brick / falling beam.  Top right - that was “live” bare electrical wiring I was laying on. Yea, I got a little shocked.  The one at bottom left - well I wasn’t alone - that is someone’s fur baby. And the one to the bottom right - That is one of the two beams I had to dig myself out from under.  This was not a pleasant experience.
Bare electrical wiring - that's what was shocking me Not a nail one in either vertical support
Left image - Attic - New Construction - Problem: Not a nail one in either vertical support. Second image - daylight showing through roof ridge.
Daylight showing through roof ridge Crumbling brick pier
View from attic spaces
Furnace Flue in contact with roof (combustible)
Furnace flue in contact with combustible (roof decking)
Drain line not connected to water heater drain pan at attic
Drain line at water heater drain pan in attic not connected.
Roof deck damage Roof deck damage Roof deck damage
Roof decking - rot - decay damage
Duct work with 90 degree bends. This tends to restrict air flow.
Left water heater:  Incorrectly installed vent. Right water heater (tankless) incorrect venting.
Improperly installed light fixture. (don’t understand why a motion sensor).
Spalling at brick
Spalling at brick …. three of mulitple incidents. 
Spalling at brick
What is “spalling” and what causes it … Most common, spalling occurs at bricks, but may also occur at masonry, concrete, natural stone and limestone. What causes spalling is moisture / water. When moisture penetrates the brick to the point that is too much for the brick to handle, the moisture forces the surface to peel, pop out, and will begin to break apart. Other causes may include varying weather conditions, dripping water, faulty mortar, expansion and cracks when freezing occurs.Like spalling brick, loose brick can also be causing the structure to move and or settlement of the structure, leaving holes in the mortar. These holes allow water to penetrate the wall and can loosen the brick. Common areas for loose bricks include chimneys, around mortar joints, faulty gutters, doors, windows, and around the foundation.
Attic ladder failure and improperly installed attic ladder (open joints). Other improper and unsafe installation is using drywall screws.
Rust / corrosion at terminals of circuit breakers
This is what you never want to see … rust / corrosion at terminal screws on circuit  breakers.
Rust / corrosion at terminals of circuit breakers Very dirty coils + suspect mold Suspect mold Spalling at brick
Very dirty coils and suspect mold at air handler.
Suspect mold
Home inspectors in Louisiana are required to report on suspect mold - Inspectors are not required to sample / test this substance. Suspect mold. It’s a nasty substance, smells bad, stains surfaces, can cause upper respiratory problems. Keep in mind it is biological and it eats. Now that should make feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But that isn’t the worse of it … according to the EPA in 2016 there are 4000 types (no kidding), now here is the fun part --- 2000 have been identified.
These photo’s are not the worst ones from inspections. Others I can not post due to identifying marks and privacy concerns of the buyer and seller. At the same time - I do not find this all the time - I have gone into home’s that were just great - no real issues. In the 10 + years I have been in business - I have inspected at least 11 homes without a single issue.
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