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Exceeding the minimum in Home Inspections
Masonite Siding: This is common building material found on many homes that I inspect. When this material is properly sealed / installed it can last for a very long time. But when it becomes damaged and water comes into regular contact - it can become an unsightly problem, i.e. swelling, rot, decay, etc. Masonite boards are synthetically constructed from a mixture of wood fibers, wax, and other resins. As they are manufactured, these elements are bound together through a process of heat and pressure, fusing these components into a smooth, strong hardboard that is equally dense from every angle. If you are replacing a section, be sure to treat the back and bottom edges with a water proof type sealant prior to installation. If you have sprinklers nearby ... consider their height and spray pattern. No need to water the house - it won't grow. When you see chips, scratches, nicks in the siding - don't let it fester ... using a wood putty and then repainting is best as that small area will only get worse over time. Trim boards should never come into contact with the ground, thresholds at doorways and siding should never come into contact with roofing. Sample images of masonite siding  
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