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Home Inspections in the Shreveport / Bossier City and surrounding areas,  Home Inspections in Shreveport, Louisiana and surrounding area. What is it and who should have  such a service? Any home owner or home buyer should have a home inspection. First on part of  the home buyer, a home inspection is an investment to an investment. It is also a form of strategy  to get the lowest price possible and most important it’s a form of consumer protection. More .. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Choosing a Louisiana Home Inspector  The conscientious consumer will ask about who to use as a home inspector.  This question is normally presented to the buyers Real Estate Agent.  More often than not an agent will recommend a specific home inspector, someone they have used in the past  and someone they trust.  And most of the time it all works out very well for everyone.   But, yea there is always that word it seems.  More ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What will a home inspection reveal?  Home inspections reveal many things, some very minor, some major. I have found issues across the entire spectrum of a home inspection. But not all at once of course. The most common one’s I find are in the  electrical portion of the home, sometimes it’s as simple as an open ground at an outlet to problems at the  service panel. More ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Consumer,  Consumer Protection, Consumer Awareness,  As this is beginning to imply it’s largely about the consumer. When buying a home you are a  consumer. A professional home inspector is the one that is representing the consumer, advocating  awareness and protection. More ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview your home inspector, As with an employer, they will ask questions of a potential candidate. So should the potential home buyer ask an inspector questions. It is important to have some understanding of the person you are about to trust in providing you with information about a home you are about to buy and move into with your family. More … --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home inspecting - documenting, Documentation is what provides information to the client, this is the essence of a home inspection and the better the documentation is, usually the better the inspection. NOTE - It is not my intention of telling, instructing any home inspector as to how to perform their work. This is what I do personally and it is in my experience of observation of the negative implications of not fully, properly, sufficiently documenting an inspection. More … ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dryer Venting, It’s not something that is at the top of most people’s list.  But is should be.  Dryer lint is combustible – it can flame up without any human interaction in the right conditions.  The other issue with dryer lint is when it builds up in the vent duct or starts to block the damper at the exterior it takes longer for clothes to dry … More … ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roofing: Algae, Moss and Lichens, knowing the difference of what is just staining and plant growth and what can cause damage ….  More … ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spalling at bricks: What is “spalling” and what causes it … More … ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Masonite Siding; This is common building material found on many homes that I inspect. When this material is properly sealed / installed it can last for a very long time. But when it becomes damaged and water comes into regular contact - it can become an unsightly problem, i.e. swelling, rot, decay, etc. ….  More ….