Before hiring a home inspector in the State of Louisiana, please familiarize yourself with the Louisiana Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. This regulates the minimum a State Licensed Home Inspector in Louisiana is required to follow. Please read the Louisiana Standards of Practice before getting a home inspection.This way you know what the minimum a home inspector is required by law. That minimum is NOT in your best interest.  Speak with the inspector you are planning on using to be sure in what capacity that they are going beyond that minimum if at all. But it is very important to understand that an inspector is NOT required to go beyond that minimum. Chapter 3. Standards of Practice303. Definitions Representative Number:  for multiple identical interior components such as windows and electrical outlets - one such component per room. Section 319. Electrical System.A. The home inspector shall inspect:(4) the operation of a representative number of installed ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles. ( Just because one or two outlets or items are “ok” does not mean there are no issues with other’s. The Louisiana State Board has refused to change this law. ) (This contradicts) Chapter 5 Code of Ethics, 501 Code of Ethics A, 501 B 8 and 12. §501. Code of Ethics  A: Purpose. Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are fundamental principles embraced by this Code of Ethics, which sets forth the obligations of ethical conduct for the Licensed Home Inspector (LHI). The Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI) has enacted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession. LHIs in Louisiana shall comply with this Code, shall avoid association with any enterprise whose practices violate this Code, and shall strive to  uphold, maintain, and improve the integrity, reputation, and practice of the home inspection profession. B: 8. The LHI shall act in good faith toward each client and other interested parties. (Does this mean with reasonable expectations of the client? What is a resonable expectation?).  12. The LHI shall avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit him or reduce public confidence in the profession. (By not checking readily all accessible - could this harm the public? Discredit the inspector and this profession?). (This issue has been brought to the attention of this Board during my 4th and 5th year on several occasions only to be dismissed. The Board has refused to correct this.) (The proposed correction was to remove language “representative number” and it’s definition, as this language does NOT serve in the publics best interest. Replaced with “Readily all accessible … windows, doors, duplexes (electrical outlets). (To help define “Readily all accessible”, means without the aid of a ladder, without moving personal belongings, without unplugging any electronics.)
Very important to understand this . Representivie Number ???
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