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The Consumer,  Consumer Protection, Consumer Advocate, Consumer Awareness, Consumer Representation.  As this is  beginning to imply it’s largely about the consumer.  When buying a home you are a consumer.  A professional  home  inspector is the one that is representing the consumer, advocating awareness and protection. When a home inspector fails to do this by a poor inspection, reporting, misrepresentation, or any other act that is not in the best  interest of the client, then he / she is held accountable.  Here in Louisiana we have a  Board, The Louisiana State Board of Home  Inspectors also known as LSBHI.  These Board members are  appointed by the Governor. This is where a home inspector has to answer for their actions or lack of.  I am a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)  in Northwest Louisiana and an Accredited Business. As a licensed home inspector, I have to answer to the LSBHI, and as a  member of the BBB, I have an obligation to answer in the event of a serious problem that stemmed from a home inspection.  So I am held accountable for my actions or inactions as a business, as a home inspector. This is being mentioned so that  you, the reader, will know that when you call me for a home inspection that you are getting a  thorough and honest inspection, not just a walk through.  To ensure the integrity of my business and appearance, I will not do an inspection for my wife.  Yep, she is a  Realtor.  She  understands I will not compromise either of our integrity for a dollar or put a client at any kind of risk.  Doing a home  inspection for her client would not mean that they are at risk of any sort, it is the appearance that can be misconstrued and  interpreted as a conflict of interest because of possible financial gain.