Here are a few answers …. Why do I need a home inspection?
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Not so much as why you “need” but why you should have a home inspection
Buying a home is stressful, especially for first time home buyers. But at the same time it is fun and exciting, the plans that are being made, painting, decorating, furnishing placement and so on. But be careful with the romantic thoughts, the impulse and passion. These get people into trouble, know what you are getting into and then decide. Making an investment in your investment, like the saying goes, “know before you owe”. Do you want to get into a home that needs immediate repairs that you were not aware of? The heating and air works, but is it the right size for that home? What about the roof? Plumbing leaks? What about the electrical - open grounds, reverse polarity, double tapping at the breaker, are the wires and breakers the right size? So many questions. You found the house you want to make a home, so lets do that without surprises that cause disappointments and a lot more money than you want to spend. Providing you with leverage and knowledge, Ask yourself, do you buy a car and not test drive it to make sure the various components work? Not too much different with a home other than the money part. An inspection gives you leverage in negotiating a price to help you in acquiring the home. The knowledge you gain helps you in making preparations in your budget for repairs if / when needed. That knowledge also gives you the ability to make a sound and informative decision whether to purchase or not. I have worked for different contractors over the years around the country and have seen many different kinds of end results. In an inspection it can be very difficult to find some “short cuts” because of wall, ceiling or floor coverings. Unless that short cut is so dramatic that an area is bulging or sinking. But the good news is that there are sometimes other little tell-tale signs to look for and a couple of little techniques to use. Aside from a level or square, a flash light is a fantastic tool. Some of those weekend projects are not always done correctly as they should be. And a home inspection can for the most part will find that. Cosmetics is not always a concern, the concern is what is the cosmetic (patch) hiding, if anything. The reason for a home inspection is not to just inform you of what is necessarily working or constructed properly but what is not. It is to educate you about your investment. The home inspector goes in without prejudice and unbiased, observes, tests and reports on findings that can become or are currently an issue.
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